Noise Sense Bluetooth Neckband Launched With Up to 25-Hour Playback Time

Bluetooth earbuds are stylish but cumbersome to carry as they require charging and are not as comfortable as they are on the outside.

To solve this, the audio accessory industry has evolved with new wireless earbuds taking us through the range of styles and sounds.

So, how about earbuds which play a great deal of audio but also end up making you look attractive with headphones? The new silicone collar made by the Korean earphone maker Noise Sense has this feature.

The company has now launched their new Bluetooth earbuds in India. These stretchable earbuds have a drop charging case and let you listen up to 25 hours to the battery life.

The Noise Sense silicone neckband-style earbuds can deliver 3-hour listening session and 16 hours overall. It pairs with your phone with 10 seconds. Once linked, you’ll easily be taken straight to listening mode.

They have a 40mm driver and a 400 m2 tube for an excellent experience, but they aren’t perfect with noise cancellation.

The sonic mode controls the volume and also controls to turn them off. They can even automatically turn off if you don’t hear them playing and in the sounds that you listen to.

The earbuds don’t have a battery button which means that you will have to manually turn them off.

Which is a little less convenient than other models. They will not pause when they turn off or if they’re slightly off but if you do everything just right, the Noise Sense wireless earbuds make listening fun and enjoyable.

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