Google Pixel Fold, Google Pixel Watch, Launched Alongside Pixel 6 Series on October 19

There is no official confirmation yet by Google that the company will take the wraps off its lineup of Pixel device at an event on October 19. However, there have been several leaks on the Google Store with leaks on Tensorflow and recently, leaked retailer listings for the next-generation Pixel phones showing up on Walmart website.

Recently, we also saw a slew of the Snapdragon 888 based Android smartphones launch in Mexico with the Google logo engraved into them. Now, the reports suggests that Google has a big event planned on October 19 for the Snapdragon 888 smartphones, Google Pixel 6 smartphones, and more.

According to a new report from Android, Google is gearing up to launch Pixel phones and other devices in-store this month but they are expected to be limited in number.

Instead, Google is expected to produce an online event for the Snapdragon 888 series and there will be several special events planned for the Pixel devices.

Google will be launching the new Google Pixel 6 devices at its event on October 19, with a phased launch strategy for the new Pixel products. In the month of October, Google will launch one device for November and December.

It will launch the next Pixel smartphones in mid-November and the Pixel Speakers are planned to be available from December. According to the report, Google has now begun production of its next-generation Pixel devices.

There have been multiple reports about Google’s new Pixel line up. The search giant has launched a brand new Pixel 5 smartphone earlier this year and Google had also launched a small number of its latest Pixel devices earlier this year. Last month, Google had started shipping Android 11 powered Pixel devices.

It was also speculated that the search giant will be launching the next Google Pixel smartphone in the month of October and the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor will power the next Google Pixel devices. In another report from Bloomberg, the company has revealed plans to reveal its next-generation Pixel smartphones with a Snapdragon 888 processor later this year.

Last month, the Snapdragon 888 Snapdragon 888 was launched in the U.S. market with three versions, the Snapdragon 888-powered phone and a Snapdragon 888-powered tablet and a Snapdragon 888-powered phone and tablet respectively.

It had also been speculated that the Snapdragon 888-powered smartphones and tablets will launch in the near future with Google branding.

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