HTC True Wireless Earbuds Launched With IPX5 Rating

Update: The details of the reported HTC True Wireless Earbuds Plus with ANC, battery life and endurance were later corrected. Updated with all the results noted in the original report.

MEXCELLUS, Sweden—The launch of multiple Apple AirPods leaks have given off quite a stir in the tech world.

Last month, a report revealed that Apple will launch the AirPods Max, with a more premium design, as well as that AirPods Max will actually be fully wireless earbuds, as opposed to on the existing pair of AirPods headphones.

While it could be a while before the complete technology is unveiled, according to a report, a spokesperson from Chouinard.

Sweden says that the HTC True Wireless Earbuds Plus with ANC, battery life and longevity will release on November 19.

Chouinard spokesperson Lars Erixon spoke to Samsung News and said that the company will announce two models of the True Wireless Earbuds Pro: one with P2O, 700mAh battery, ANC and IPX5 rating.

“In both cases, the battery will increase on one month after the estimated charge period,” he said, pointing out that ANC keeps the headphones fully charged until they are removed from the charging case. “This stands for an impressive return on investment for the user,” Erixon said.

As we have stated before, reports have been made on the price range of the True Wireless Earbuds Pro, with reports hinting that the price could be as low as $349 (roughly Rs. 45,000 approx). According to a report from Fonearena, the earbuds will launch in November.

Chouinard only mentions the earbuds with “P2O,” 700mAh battery and IPX5 rating. Therefore, these are the only details we have about the upcoming smart headphones.

According to Erixon, the headphones will first be made available in the US, UK, Spain, Germany, Germany, France, Switzerland, Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan, and Myanmar.

Just recently, we had reported that the launch of the AirPods Max will now take place in Europe and USA on November 18. However, now sources are claiming that the event will be live stream on November 19.

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