Microsoft Windows: Microsoft to let you boot Windows 11, on your brand-new PC

Microsoft on Tuesday announced that new PC configurations running Windows 10 to be available next year will be able to boot the operating system out of the box.

This comes as a bit of a surprise, given Microsoft’s reluctance to provide users with the flexibility they need to use the latest version of Windows 10. In March, Microsoft said that it would be shutting down its free tier, making it harder for users to upgrade to the latest versions of Windows 10.

Microsoft wasn’t to happy with the way users were upgrading to Windows 10 on their older-model PCs, so it seems the company has now changed its tune. According to Microsoft, from March 2021 users in the stable version of Windows 10 will be able to install Windows 10 out of the box on their new PC.

That’s an odd move, since Microsoft will be charging money to get an account on the Windows Insider program, so this simply creates a little more confusion.

But, if this is Microsoft’s full intent, it’s a good way to give people on the fence or simply curious by default a reason to upgrade.

New owners who want to update from their existing Windows 10 will need to upgrade for free to Windows 10 Home if they plan to get the new operating system at all.

Those already using Windows 10 will be able to upgrade for free if they purchase a new PC that starts up with Windows 10 preinstalled. So, those who have PCs running Windows 10 for multiple months already won’t receive a bill from Microsoft for the new software.

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When Microsoft announced Windows 10 Home last year, the idea was to allow users to upgrade to Windows 10 easily.

Microsoft also said that it was going to take over 100% of the old software’s legacy components, meaning that it didn’t want people to have to pay to make the switch from a pre-existing desktop operating system. But, now that Microsoft is turning over those old software code bases to third-party developers, the confusion created by Microsoft’s heavy-handed approach to the switch seems a bit much.

This is Microsoft’s way of trying to re-establish itself and remind users of the advantages of upgrading to Windows 10 out of the box.

Its most dubious move is shutting out a vast majority of Windows 10 users with the constant news of the new operating system getting shut down. Those willing to pay are now in control.

We’ve seen third-party sellers charging lots of money for upgrading to Windows 10, so we’ll see what Microsoft’s intention is.

But, it’s a bold move by Microsoft to hand over all of those old base parts and introduce fresh codes of software to users, which ultimately gives Microsoft a much clearer way to charge Microsoft for software updates.

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