It’s all over for Shamshera as the Ranbir Kapoor film failed to show any growth at the box office on its second day. According to early estimates, it was a flat day for this period drama, with collections falling in the range of Rs. 9.8 to 10.60 crores. With this, the two-day total of the YRF production stands at Rs. 20.60 crores.

Shamshera Box Office Estimate Day 2: Shows being reduced as film heads towards a FLOP; collects Rs. 10.25 crores on Saturday

Films usually show gains on Saturday, but Shamshera has been flat, which suggests that its going to be curtains down for the film at box office. There will be a jump in collections on Sunday, as Shamshera is a mass film, but that won’t help it much. The best-case scenario for opening weekend of Shamshera is Rs. 34.50 crores and this would be a poor result.

The cinema halls have already started started show reductions on Saturday and by Monday, the showcasing of Shamshera will be half its opening day, which is definitely a reason to worry and introspect for the banner. The multiplexes aside, even single screens are not faring well, infact, the single screen biz is lower than Samrat Prithviraj, which was also a dud from the producers.

Shamshera is headed for lifetime in range of Rs. 50 to 55 crores, and this range would be the best-case scenario for the film. We don’t rule out the chance of it ending under Rs. 45 crores too!