Singapore Streets Robots Patrol to Track ‘Undesirable Social Behavior’

Singapore’s Ministry of Home Affairs on Wednesday released a statement saying that the first pre-dawn patrol “enforces and monitors emerging concerns” in the country and delivers a “more personalised” approach that seeks to ensure that similar incidents never recur.

“We also have a stable, well-developed and highly-oiled workforce of the security, policing and emergency services to respond to situations to ensure everybody’s safety,” said Minister for Home Affairs K. Shanmugam.

“We are also committed to building resilience, resilience through education and response training and resiliency through resilience exercises.

 While this year has seen a transition in our current system of managing and improving our Police-Public-Public connections, I am confident that we are in a better position now to continuously work collaboratively and be able to sustain that positive trajectory.”

Home Affairs Minister Shanmugam was speaking at the Singapore Police Academy in Bell Street, Downtown East, earlier this week.

As per the home affairs ministry, these “tough, jovial and funny” patrols conducted on the early hours of morning will deploy over the next few days around non-sensitive neighbourhood areas.

Preceding these patrols, rapid reaction patrols will also conduct patrols around nearby shelters in vulnerable neighbourhoods, with maximum stay-at-home orders in place in these areas.

“New technologies and techniques, such as artificial intelligence, will make even more realistic and responsive patrols possible,” said Acting Police Commissioner Ng

David Guinan, adding, “This particular cycle scanning programme will be additional layer of protection, which will not only contribute to increase our deterrents against crime, but will go beyond those utilised to monitor the upsurge in activity in disadvantaged areas.”

Recently, Hong Kong, the police force for Central Sydney, Australia, used a similar method of patrolling to determine areas to look at. While in Sydney, crowds are allowed to gather, the police checkpoints cannot stop pedestrians in any area.

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