Xiaomi has sold 2 million smartphones in India, the first wave of festive sales

Xiaomi on Wednesday announced that it had sold 2 million smartphones in the first wave of its festive sales. As per the company, this is the biggest number of smartphones sold in a day in India, and the highest-ever single-day sales for the brand.

The new record sales are the result of heavy discounts and offers on smartphones launched by the Chinese company in the run-up to the festive season. Along with the announcement, the company also revealed that its smartphones have now crossed over 300 million app downloads in India.

These mark the first time that its phones have reached this milestone. Further, the company has unveiled its retail stores in Bengaluru, Pune, New Delhi, Goa, and Vizag for the first time. The new stores will soon begin sales in these markets.

Xiaomi confirmed that its phones have now crossed 300 million app downloads in India, and the company is also still able to garner over 120 million daily active users in the country.

Hence, these numbers indicate that Xiaomi is still on course to surpass the global number of app downloads over the year-end, considering that the brand launched its first dedicated app in India only this year. Meanwhile, China reported 43.5 million app downloads on last Thursday (October 21), registering an increase of 14.15% on the previous year’s number of app downloads.

“We have gone beyond just offering good smartphones with premium features for consumers; we have embraced this special spirit of India and adopted it into our company policies and values, making our retail stores nation-wide vibrant and friendly,” said Harshvardhan Pujari, MD and CEO, Xiaomi India.

“Our stores are committed to offering a unique shopping experience to customers in India and we have achieved a feat in terms of attracting the attention of buyers through storytelling.

Customers have shown that they love the store experiences. Our strength can be attributed to our platform of phenomenal retailers and our data analysis machine, which will provide us the opportunity to innovate in every aspect to provide a superior store experience for consumers.

I am sincerely grateful to our loyal partners and customers for their support and thanks them for being the first buyers of smartphones from our retail stores.”

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